The Interstop Ladle Gate Type CS is a compact system, engineered with only a few components and containing heavy duty refractory parts. There are three different sizes of the CS Ladle Gate, CS 60, CS 80 and CS 100. The CS Ladle Gate together with the extended stroke is a high performance tool with an enormous yield potential and which allows a quick and simple exchange of the refractory parts. The slider can be swiveled-out laterally for the plate exchange. For the application of an oversized ladle nozzle, the whole ladle gate unit can also be swiveled-out laterally. Quick ladle turn around and savings on energy and in the ladle area are a result of all the above.



  • Simple and quick assembly
  • Low maintenance costs



  • Advanced mechanical system
  • Improved refractory utilization
  • User friendly design for simple, fast and safe operation
  • Automatic system tensioning and self clamping of plates
  • Optimized operation at preparation area
  • Clean steel-ready system



  • Fully sealed steel flow into the mould
  • Three-plate slide gate especially designed for ingot casting application
  • No movement of the collector nozzle
  • Flexible plate sizes - improved refractory utilization
  • User-friendly design for simple, fast and safe operation
  • Optimized operation at preparation area
  • Compact dimensions
  • Low operating and maintenance costs